Nature by Noelle | Sewing the seeds of friendship one plant at a time

Sewing the seeds of friendship one plant at a time

I had somewhat of a challenging day yesterday. I will not get into details because this blog is about happiness and working through daily challenges by enjoying the simple things in life.

I was down the street introducing myself to a new neighbor when another woman who was with her asked in a very broken English accent if I had remembered her. She said her name was Gloria and she remembered visiting my home years ago when it was on a house tour. I did remember her and we started talking about our gardens. I showed her images of my butterflies and she told me a beautiful story about a butterfly. She says it was hard to explain in English but I enjoyed it and understood what she meant.

I went back to my house and grabbed two potted moon flowers that I had planted from seed to share with the ladies, it made them  smile. Gloria invited me to see her garden. I said sure! So off we went two blocks away to Gloria's house. WOW!! It was a beautiful garden filled with many varieties of flowers. We talked for awhile about all the flowers and how she takes care of her garden and she showed me how she collects the seeds and stores them for planting next year. Gloria told me how some of her plants came from others like me who had shared their plants with her.  We talked about how we shared the same passion and how the garden helps us to relax. Gloria told me that in Cuba, where she is from they love to garden.

Gloria then shared a plant with me called Snow On The Mountain. This really made me happy, I felt as if I had just won a prize!

I look forward to seeing Gloria again..... there was a reason I met up with her yesterday and I am grateful for that. My day ended on a positive note, making me realize what is really important in life. Sewing the seeds of friendship is a wonderful thing to do!


Have a great day everyone!







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