Nature by Noelle | Transformation!


I am always amazed at how nature works.  To be able to watch the metamorphosis of these swallowtails is very special. Most people go through life without stopping to take the time to really see what goes on around them, to understand that the simplest creatures are what keeps us on this planet. We are all part of the circle of life, the food chain. They are pollinators which help everything around us grow.  Without these natural processes happening, we as humans could not exist. 

Besides, WHO doesn't love seeing a butterfly? They are gorgeous delicate beauties!

This is the little guy 24 hours before he changes. (Pre-pupa stage) Notice he makes two web like lines to hold onto the branch.

After 24hrs he or she looks like the branch. On purpose of course to camouflage from predators. (Much different from the monarch chrysalis) In about two weeks I will be the proud parent of Swallowtails! I will set them free in my garden after taking a million pictures first...LOL




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